Welcome to the new Webisite...I hope it is well received and I promise to keep it updated more regularly.
Do check out the news section for the most up to date stories on our previous purchases and also forthcoming runners and events such as sales
Right now the important event comng up is the Horses In Training sale at Newmarket which takes place from October 26 thru 29. I have alreday 'published' my 'selection booklet' which lists the two year olds in the sale which are worth buying. If you are interested in attending or instructing me to buy one or two for you then please send me an Email and I will send you the booklet as I call it. This is the sale where I have purchased horses such as Ticker Tape, Katdogawn, Ocean Sound, Steelaninch etc....
I have added the 'blog' section to the site. In this I will comment on various issues which interest me and also occasionally provide condensed information which I might not have had time to formulate into a proper news story
I hope you enjoy the site and if I can be of any help in sourcing you a good horse, either give me a ring or Email me through the 'contact' section of this site